Until recently 150mm aperture refractors have been reserved to observatories and a few really rich people. Chinese mass-production has attempted to change this for some time. Recently the production quality of the Chinese manufacturers has reached a very good level, while at the same time prices have remained much lower than would be possible for production within Europe.

The 150mm refractor with 1200mm focal length is at the upper limit of what can be called portable. The tube is some 125cm long and weighs about 12kgs.

Other than the shorter focal length rich field refractor this model is suited for all astronomical observations.

Visual Use:

This refractor is a high performance telescope for observations of objects within our solar system. Jupiter's moons become small discs of different size rather than just points of light. Mars reveals many details including its polar caps (filters are always recommended when viewing Mars). Moon is of course a particular highlight, with countless craters, ridges and other details that make you feel like you actually were there!

Outside our solar system 150mm aperture offer plenty of light for serious deep sky work. You can watch gas nebulae, globular clusters (dissolved into single stars) and many galaxies. We recommend to use 2" accessories for extended deep sky objects - you will then not only see the object itself, but also many surrounding stars for a more aesthetic image.


The telescope is suited both for planetary and lunar imaging (e.g. with a webcam) and long exposure deep sky imaging. We recommend to invest in a very sturdy mount to accomodate the heavy and long tube.

Sky Watcher 6” F/8 Refractor with ChomoCor

The Chromacor II used in concert with a 6" f/8 achromat would purportedly have a level of correction similar to a triplet using Super Low Dispersion glass. This new level color correction along with a properly matched "type" of Chromacor II for better spherical correction, would work together to increase image sharpness to a very large degree