With features generally offered only on custom-manufactured professional instruments, this largest of all Meade Schmidt-Cassegrains (in fact, the largest production Schmidt-Cassegrain in the world) fulfills the most demanding state-of-the-art requirements for the school, college, or university teaching or research program, or for the advanced amateur.

Professional-grade optical system: Continuing the tradition of Meade 8", 10", and 12" SCT optics, the 16" LX200GPS yields the superlative imaging required in advanced applications, whether in planetary or deep-space visual or CCD imaging, in astrophotography, or in photometry. And, with its superclear BK7 optical glass correcting plate, the 16" LX200GPS may be used into the ultraviolet spectral region as well. Adding the Meade Ultra-High Transmission Coatings group increases the telescope's effective image-brightness and resolution aperture over the visible spectrum to 17.3".

Oversize one-piece fork mounting: The massive 16" LX200GPS fork system, cast in one continuous piece from one Declination housing to the other, includes a total of four 80mm roller bearings in Declination (two in each Declination housing) and two roller bearings in Right Ascension (one each 100mm and 150mm bearings in the RA housing). Such liberal usage of precision roller bearings into the telescope's design permits the addition of substantial auxiliary equipment without risk of strain on the mechanism and results in the most rigid tracking platform available on a production telescope. Large DC-servo-motor-driven 11" worm gears on both telescope axes yield the smooth, precision tracking and slewing required of a professional instrument.

Meade 16” LX200 gps on Super Giant LX Tripod