The new MallinCam SSI is a dedicated planetary, lunar and solar (with proper solar filter) imager that runs through USB 2 and a PC computer. Image are displayed live with the same CRS system (Constant Refreshed System) as the MallinCam Universe. Not only you can view live solar system object but you can record in AVI, BMP, TIFF and JPEG for unsurpassed image quality.

The heart of the new MallinCam SSI is the 1.49 MegaPixel sCMOS Ceramic scientific class 0 sensor with pixles size of 3.63 microns and total size image of 1.39 MegaPixels.

The MallinCam SSI incorporate a high QE highly acclaimed sCMOS (Scientific CMOS) class 0 made of ceramic compare to other cameras on the market which are plastic from low cost webcam style design. Available in monochrome (SSIm) or color (SSIc), performance is stunning when use with quality optics. The color version (SSIc) can be switched from color to monochrome at a click of a mouse and yet retain the high performance of the sCMOS in either mode. The monochrome version (SSIm) offer a superior contrast and finer detail only attainable from a monochrome sensor.

Mallincam SSIc CCD Camera