The following will be by notes and recommendations on how I use the Miloslick software with my equipment. It will focus on two areas. Field use and Night Skies Network Use. This software is well worth the $50 purchase price, but you can try before you buy with the evaluation copy (I am using the evaluation copy on the Computer that I modify my website with, so you will notice the Unregistered watermark over my images). You can use this software on two computers (yes, there is a Mac version) with your $50 purchase. I use one copy on my Observatory computer and another version on my outreach laptop.

How to Use MiloSlick Software

I have found with some software on my Windows 7 machine, that many problems are alleviated when the software is designated to be run as an Administrator (even the shortcut). So, when you install the software on your Windows computer and the software places a ‘Mallincam Control’ Shortcut on your desktop. Right Click on this icon, choose  Properties at the bottom of the list. Click on the Advanced Button at the bottom of the window. Put a check in the Run as Administrator choice. Click Ok. (My system says I don’t has the permission to change this, but it changes it anyway.