How do I stop my Image from Flashing on the Xtreme?

Sometimes you will notice that the image displayed by the Xtreme is flashing on your monitor of Software display. This indicates that the Xtreme has gone into a safety mode due to too much light hitting the sensor (make sure the SENS 128X has reached it full 3 minutes initialization before engaging the Hyper mode).

This camera is incredibly sensitive to light and any stray light may trigger the safety inside the camera that will prevent overload inside the camera electronics. If you do trigger the safety, and see a flashing screen, simply unplug the camera for 5 seconds, and reconnect the power and wait about 3 minutes for electronics to settle.

If you use the MCV-1e then a flashing overload can be cause by having the POT too high. Reduce the POT by turning it the other way.