How do I connect my Signature to the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle?

The Signature camera has 5 buttons at the back of the camera and two video connections. The Intensity Shuttle connects using the RCA Video Input connection port on the back on the Shuttle to the SVBS output (bottom right) on the back of the Signature.


Start the Blackmagic Design Control Panel Software on your Computer (This should be in your Control Panel in the Hardware and Sound Tab, it will have its own menu choice at the bottom of the screen).

Select Composite in the Set Input tab in the software

Select NTSC at 7.5 as the NTSC Setup  tab in the software

Select NTSC  as the Default Video Standard  tab in the software

Choose Dec Link Video capture as source in your video display software (Miloslick). You should be able to see the video output form the Signature Camera in your video window.