I purchased the Mallincam Jr Pro specifically for field use with my students. This camera performs all of the major tasks (expect for cooling) the Xtreme performs. Due to its low price, this camera will spend a lot of time outside at different locations.

The new MallinCam comes complete with 25’ Video/Power Cable, 120 VAC to 12 VDC regulated power supply, the highly acclaimed 1.25" Deluxe adapter found on all other MallinCams, an RCA to BNC adapter, and a Pixel Wireless Exposure controller, complete with batteries!

The Jr PRO can be purchased with either the standard 1/2 inch size Sony ceramic CCD sensor or the optional EXview HAD sensor for an additional $100.00.   Either type of CCD sensor, the Standard sensor or the EXview HAD sensor, is available in color or B&W - something that the competition does not offer. The Jr PRO comes with ½” CCD sensors; not cheap 1/3" type found on the competition’s security type cameras.

The MallinCam Jr PRO is capable of exposures from 1/12,000th second through 99 minutes; and all exposures longer than 2 seconds must be selected using the included wireless exposure controller (WEC).  The Jr PRO also has an RS 232 auxiliary port for computer control of the camera’s MENU.  A computer cable is available as an option for those who wish to control the MallinCam Jr PRO’s menu through computer.  In addition a wired menu keypad is also available for those who do not want to use a PC in the field, but want to adjust the menu without having to use the 5 small buttons on the camera for this purpose.  A version of the MallinCam Control Software tailored for the Jr PRO is available at no charge.

The MallinCam Jr PRO use standard, off the shelves components and is uncooled.  For those desiring to create images with the Jr PRO, all that is needed is the subtraction of a dark frame to obtain excellent results.  For live viewing, no computer is required. Simply connect the Jr PRO’s composite or s-video output to a monitor, DVR, or to a computer using a capture device and you get a live image in color or black and white, depending on the sensor purchased.

Mallincam Jr Pro Camera