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Over the years i have bought and sold (and donated) various telescopes through-out my life. Below is preview of the current equipment I use in or out of my observatory. A more detail description of my equipment is found in the Equipment Tab above.

Astronomical Equipment used at New Hamburg Observatory

Astronomical Equipment

Manufacturer Websites

These are links to the Manufacturers and Dealer I use for my equipment

Equipment Pictures

Telescope System

These are the Mallincam Cameras I use regularly. These include the Xtreme, the Signature, and the SSIc. Along with cables and adapters. The Xtreme is controlled by Miloslick Software. The Signature is controlled by my own Software. The Signture is able to generate images in SDI quality format.

Mallincam Cameras

Ithis is the Primary system I use inside my Observatory. It includes a 12.5” Planewave controlled by the Astro-Physics 1200 GTO mount resting on a tall Pier Tech Tripod. This system is controlled by a variety of computers and is used to send images in real time from the Mallincam cameras through Night Skies Network .

Observatory Telescope

This consists of the Sky Watcher Quattro 250 reflector at f/4 sitting on a Celestron CGEM DX.

Portable Telescope

This consists of my Meade 16” LX200 GPS resting on a Milburn Wedge attached to the Supergiant Tripod, which itself is on a JMI Wheeley Bar

Star Party Telescope.

This is my daughter’s (Cassiopia) first telescope. We use this telescope at the cottage.

Cassiopia’s Telescope

This is the Dome that will be installed in my Back Yard in 2014

SkyPod Max Observatory Dome