The hand-crafted Mallincam Xtreme Color Astronomical Video CCD Cameras have the new fourth generation hyper-circuit, allow the user a choice of a variable shutter from three seconds to a hundred minutes - all with automatic refresh. The menu of the new Mallincam Xtreme can be fully controlled from a PC using a PC control cable and Mallincam Control Software. Exposure time can also be fully controlled via the software preset. Preset exposure times of 7, 14, 28 and 56 seconds can be selected (like the Mallincam Hyper Plus), or custom exposure times can be chosen from three seconds up to one hundred minutes.

I created the following two documents to help me set-up and understand settings of the Xtreme camera. Please use them to assist you in becoming familiar with the camera

Mallincam Xtreme Colour Camera


PDF Document

The Read Me First Document is used to assist you in connecting your Xtreme to a computer

Read Me First

This document helps describe the functions on the Xtreme camera using the Mallincam software.

Understanding the Settings

I use the Miloslick Mallincam Control Software to control my Xtreme. This is one amazing piece of software.

Xtreme Notes

I have my notes and instruction in the specific tabs above. For example in the MCV section of the Video section of the Hardware tab, I have instructions in how I installed the MCV on my Computer. Below is just a selection of random notes and instructions that I have collected and made over the years it is an on going labour of Wow I didn’t know you do it that way. Thanks to many unknown contributors, but with special thanks to : Rock, Jack, Chris, Bob and Debbie, Howard, Glen, Chuck, Bill, Stephan, Jim, …