This is my transportable scope that I use mostly for Public Out-Reach. The system consists of a a very light (Carbon Fibre tube) 10” (250 mm) reflector working at f/4. This gives the telescope a focal length of 1000 mm, giving it a fast and wide field of view. The telescope sits on a Celestron CGEM DX which provides a solid goto mount. I typically use the Mallincam Xtreme with this system to provide the audience with a real-time image of the celestial objects in the sky. Auto guiding is performed by the Orion Orion Magnificent Mini Deluxe AutoGuider Package.  The scope and Mount either runs on a 12V 5A AC/DC adapter or a portable 12V  battery Back from Canadian Tire.

Sky Watcher Quattro 250 CF sitting on a Celestron CGEM DX